She has the ability to orchestrate an entire community around beautiful performative and powerful images. From the biggest idea to the smallest of details, Ashley puts her whole heart into everything and is here to share her story.

Simple lines and quirky designs, Claire stays curious and true to her values in Asheville, North Carolina. Humble, passionate, and kind, she is here to share her story about her journey as an artist. 

Inspired by the nuances of our daily lives, Ivana paints life sized shared moments. She is humble and open about her journey as an artist and asks that you just work a little harder and listen. 

Passionate about staying true to her art. Rose is the type of artist who can teach us how to see and hear the beauty in everything. Make sure to listen to her song at the end to make your ears day!

Pattern maker, designer, all around dream girl. Amy is from Winston Salem, North Carolina and plans on taking on the fashion world with a slower approach by focusing on staying local and recycling products.

A lifelong artist and explorer. Juliet has figured out how to live the good life while keeping balance. Be on the lookout for her designs in the real world because this girl is on a mission to share those colors! 

Artist, muse, fashionista, hilarious. Anna has got it all and then some. Being from Wilmington, North Carolina, the beach has inspired Anna's design choices to be tropical and funky fresh. 


A bright, shining star living in a monochromatic palette. With a great personality and a serious amount of passion, Rachel is doing big things and is here to share her story.

An artist with her body. Angela grew up in a slow (but sweet) town that taught her to appreciate the stillness in movement. She respects all forms of art from cooking to singing and is here to share her story.


As an architectural artist, Holland has helped make this world more colorful in more ways than one. She aims to lead with kindness and laughter and is here to share her story!



“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing –and keeping the unknown always beyond you.”

- Georgia O'Keeffe