Hi! I am Angela Vecchione and I move.


I grew up in the quaint and adorable town of Pinehurst, North Carolina in a house full of Italian New Yorkers. Family is everything to me and I had an all but a typical southern upbringing. Enjoying homemade Italian sauce every Sunday was not only tradition but mandatory; I didn't try real southern barbecue until college. 

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My tiny hometown greatly impacted my incessant need for adventure and travel. I sought refuge in the pages of magazines and the scandelous choreography of music videos to escape my quiet reality.

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Growing up I could not wait to get out of Pinehurst but as an adult I love returning to the warmth of the village, Carolina Hotel and the green hills of golf courses I grew up driving past. I would not learn until I matured as a woman and artist how much my home and the company who inhabited it would inspire and affect my artistic responsibilities. My family instilled in me that kindness is crucial and my mother’s advice that “your feelings are never wrong,” guided me on academic, personal and artistic journeys with a supportive family who stood by throughout many trials and errors. 


Eat more pasta!

As an Italian it is my duty to spread awareness about feeding yourself with good quality food, friendships and knowledge. Also enjoy exploring what you love and making mistakes doing it! Welcome the pain or humor or pleasant nature of a potential surprise and don’t limit yourself to the black and white view of achieving goals. The most exciting and memorable successes in my life have come unexpectedly and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I have had the privilege of enjoying two very different college experiences. I spent my first two years at the UNC Asheville studying biology, and after taking a semester off, transferred to College of Charleston where I earned my bachelor's degree in Dance. I am in the middle of the jolting transition from student to professional life and I am realizing the incredible value of my college experience. The family of artists and mentors at the College gave me confidence and support I never could have anticipated! The program at CofC emphasized improvisation and composition and this investigative approach was a great fit for me. I had so many opportunities to perform and choreograph for concerts and festivals. 

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The one relationship I developed in Charleston that I am most fond of is that which I have with Kristin Alexander. As artistic director of Annex Dance Company, our relationship blossomed from the time I spent in her classes at the College and eventually afforded me performance opportunities with her company in the community. I also worked under her direction at Ballibay: A Fine and Performing Arts Camp in Pennsylvania. Needless to say working with her has given me practical knowledge of dance but the love and support that has grown from the bond we have with each other gives me hope and confidence as a performer, educator and artist. 


The balance between the most delicate of care and extreme abandon inspires me to test the limit. Without judgement I try to see both philosophies as legitimate and seek to find out where they interact, overlap and independently stand. After a semester of investigating improvisation as my capstone project, I made the following discovery: dynamics thrill me. Surprises excite me and predictable is never a word I want associated with myself. 


My family, boyfriend, mentors and peers are my support system and they encourage me to go after whatever crazy dream or idea I have. My creative process is often scattered and lengthy in development but without the people in my life who have participated, both directly and indirectly, none of what I have done could have been as fulfilling or meaningful to me. I welcome whatever within me needs to be expressed and the people in my life have given me that confidence. 


As a dancer I take class as often as I can but lately I’ve gotten away from practicing rigorous technique and have allowed myself to branch out into the unrelenting task of creation. When I return to Charleston I will be directing and producing the Wizard of Oz for the studio I teach at. I am very excited for the creative and administrative responsibilities of this opportunity as my first job out of college. My organization and time management skills will be pushed in a new way but I hope to find light and joy from this playful show. My only routine that I ardently try to uphold is sleeping at least 6-8 hours each night. Rest is very important to me and I take shut eye seriously. 

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I have investigated the complexities of music, nature, architecture and sheer movement and found the through line to be dynamics. As obvious as it may sound I dedicate myself to identifying the interruptions in the natural order of things and perfecting the science of creating imperfect products.

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I feel fortunate to have good health and a youthful spirit and I try so so hard to use my resources to their fullest. Spending extensive time or energy on perfecting a single step or even  reaching a goal in my life has always lead me to frustration. Not to say that reaching to always extend further, or balance for longer in wildly unconventional positions aren’t aspects I take very seriously in my movement practice,  allowing change and unexpected twists and turns to gage my journey has proved much more lucrative. 

I very much enjoy collaboration with other dancers but I crave the didactic structure of traditional Ballet and Modern technique. I would define myself as a mover. Through life, in the studio, and on stage, I move. I try to notice the micromovements in stillness and I study the idiosyncrasies and details of the complex movements of life. 

I hope to understand the climate of the world I live in and offer to it what it does not even know it wants. And lastly my parents and brother have shown me the power of good ole fashioned hard work. My parents built a successful business from the ground up and appear to be two of the happiest humans I know. My brother faced unfortunate health scares that cut short his college baseball career and instead of letting it get him down, he channeled his emotion into making and producing music. My family has always been prepared to look change in the face and use their hearts and work ethic to come out on the other side with satisfaction in their personal performances and efforts. 


One of my biggest inspirations is Martha Graham. Graham innovated modern dance by tapping into emotion and movement that was so human. She transformed the field by welcoming audiences to feel uncomfortably connected to her work. I want to achieve something similar. To quote her famously revered philosophy, her message to others was to “keep the channel open.” I have offered this advice to my friends, my mother and even myself when confidence begins to wane and worries begin to take control. Much in the same way as Graham, George Balanchine sought to revolutionize dance. As an immigrant, Balanchine brought to America culture of his own but manifested what was contemporaneously being asked for. 


I am a lifelong student. Dance requires regular practice and investigation and I treat each project I work on as an opportunity to stretch myself, literally and figuratively, further and in directions I have never explored before.


My boyfriend introduced me to synth sounds of bands like Depeche Mode which spurred my interest in the history of dance pop music and culture. The themes and sounds predominantly found in this genre absolutely reaches me. As a result, my wardrobe is predominantly black clothing with hints of durable leather and a light layer of sweat from well worn in pieces that I have taken to bars, venues and clubs I have danced around in to groovy tunes. 

I am drawn to the vanity and grossly honest work of Schiele and artists similar to his style. I am a sucker for quirky local fashion and have frequented my favorite Southern Pines shop owned and run by the self entitled genius, Eve Avery, for almost 10 years. I have religiously worn and preserved clothing and accessories from her shop with me for years. 

I am also a massive Lady Gaga fan. I have followed her from her Fame days and loved living through the evolution of her career. She is fearless and gives me hope that a whole lot of work and a little bit of talent can provide the world with the love and encouragement it needs. 

Although my fashion and music taste is all but “au natural” I try to keep my skincare and diet routine as close to the earth’s kind products as possible. I use vitamin E oil to highlight my face and moisturize my lips as my daytime look. I use Lipstick Queen’s “Goodbye” on my lips and cheeks for a little color when desired and my nighttime look has been the same since high school: cat eye and mascara. I have Italian genes to thank for my (usually) clear complexion and estheticians cringe at my laziness when it comes to wiping off after a sweaty dance class...I’m working on it!


Longevity is a major challenge for every dancer. Dedicating time to healthy life practices in necessary for any dancer to have a sound, and if they wish, long career. Battling health challenges from a young age I realized the importance of physical and mental health. Especially in the dance industry, is it important to give yourself what you need. Whether it is time, rest, good food or adequate time to socialize or unplug, getting to know yourself and providing your body and mind with what it needs is a lifetime challenge.


Sharing the joy and love I have for movement and body awareness is a constant goal of mine. As a teacher and choreographer I share the breakthroughs and discoveries I have made as well as wisdoms teachers have given to me. By June of 2018 I hope to be performing professionally with a ballet or modern dance company. Justin and I also would like to move to a new city together. Other than staying healthy and somehow figuring out a way to pay my parents’ way into retirement, I’m leaving my long term goals to unravel themselves. My final short term goal is to support fellow artists like Jesse Akin in the pursuit to uplift and assist others in achieving any goal their heart desires!